The system being modular, it is possible to add at any time a preprogramed module to personalize your experience and use only what interests you. Here is a list of complementary modules available at the moment. To add any of them to your system, contact us and we will add it to your system.

If a module does not responds to your needs, it is still possible to develop one tailored for your business, contact us and we will check how we can translate your needs into your system.

Modules with subscriptions

Here is the list of modules that you could have under your system. Those modules aren't initially included with the basic subscription, it must be added to your system for an extra charge.


Training and certifications

Modules available to everyone, but access is limited by your administrator

Here now is the modules available to all accounts but only visible to the administrator. The administrator can then decide who can access those modules. If you want access to one of those modules and you are not an administrator, contact your administrator.

Employee management

List management

Private informations

Modules available to everyone, without any access limitation

Finally, here is the list of modules available to all, every time. No subscriptions needs or access requests to your administrator.


Public informations