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A very complete module that will let you create questions/answers with or without points and create forms to fill for your users. In the case of forms with points, the form will correct by himself, save the results and create reports, it can also send a notification email to let you know when a user just finished his form.

Here are some key points regarding the 'Questionnaire' module;

  • Possibility to creat question categories and obtain results from those categories

  • Create textual or choice questions

  • You can define a maximum point allocation per question

  • Each question can have detailed information with the help of the integrated text editor

  • Each question can also have a PDF or an image as attachment

  • Create forms to group your questions under the same name

  • Each form can have a time limit (optional), no answer will be accepted once this time limit is reached or when the form is considered as finished

  • Let you link, more than once, a form and a user to let that user fill the form under his profile, wherever he is

  • There's no limition on the number of categories, questions, answers and forms under your intranet

  • Forms correct themselves automatically once finished, results are saved under your intranet and always available, forever

  • A notification email can be sent, if your module is configured to, to notify you that a form has been completed

  • Various reports are available to better visualize your data

  • A printer friendly version of each form is available to view it at once

  • A printer friendly version of each completed  form by a user is also available for you to print with user responses and results