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Add-on module : Training and certifications

  Publication : August 30 2017

A first add-on module that let you manage your training/certifications and to make associations with your active users to keep an eye, in real time, and with the help of various reports, on the state of your training/certifications of your users.

Each new training/certification saved on your console will simply need a name to identify it and it is possible to attach a PDF file for details or to print when you need it.

Once your training/certifications saved, you'll be able to make associations with your active users. Each association must have a date to identify when it was done and, if the training/certification must have a due date, a date must also be specified to identify the expiration of that association. A PDF or image file (GIF,JPG,PNG) can also be attached when the association is made between the training/certification and the user to have a proof you can consult if you need it.

Various reports are available to let you manage your associations between your training/certifications and your active users and more importantly, the ones that are past due or will be soon. A configuration tool let you specify if you want to receive a monthly report in your email with training/certifications that has associations with users that are past due or will past due soon.