: your personalized intranet console

The gliweb intranet console is a system that let you have your own intranet in a matter of minutes, without the development costs!

Imagine a minute being able to have your own intranet, always available, from anywhere and on any device that has internet access, without having to worry about programming time and cost, backups and also security.

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A modular intranet

Your intranet console comes with some integrated modules like employee management and notes. However, it is possible to personalize your intranet console by adding some preprogramed modules, you do not pay for modules you don't use.

Tools based on your needs

If you need a more specific module built based on your business needs, contact us and it will be a pleasure to take your needs and develop a module especially for you, based on your needs and then add it to your intranet console.

Information protection

Your information is precious, that's why we take security seriously for your intranet console. Measures are taken to protect your intranet console against various types of attack.

Communication between our server and you are always encrypted to prevent a middleman looking at your data when they are exchanged.

Data backup

To prevent a disaster, we implanted a triple backup system. Your data is sealed, encrypted and then saved on three different locations, every day.

Granular management of access rights

A powerful access rights system let you, as an administrator of your intranet console, to create users, or security groups to add users and then manage access rights more effectively, and then give access only to some sections of your modules.

. As an example, it is possible to give user A access to sections 1,2,3 of module X while user B has only access to sections 2 and 5 of module X and also to section 1 and 2 of module Y.

Event log

A simple module that let the administrator of your intranet console visualize all modifications that were made on your intranet, handy to trace an error.

Bilingual intranet console

Your intranet console is 100% bilingual (English and French), each user can save his preferred language under his profile.

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